Vector Data

TransDEM is able to read, write and visualise certain vector data formats. The built-in Simple Route Editor also allows to create and edit vector data.

Vector data in TransDEM is built of polylines to represent railway lines, roads, water courses or other line type features.

Read and Write

TransDEM reads and writes vector data either as polylines or as sequences of points. The following file formats are supported, some with certain limitations:

Zusi .str is the preferred format for saving and should be used to save vector data for non-Zusi projects, too. Saving in other formats may loose information or accuracy.


Vector data can be rendered in combination with a DEM or with georeferenced raster maps, plans and orthophotos.

An example with a track plan of a railway station, rendered on top of a DEM:

trasse-bahnhof.gif (96521 Byte)


Another example with a georeferenced orthophoto:

 trassen-orthofoto.gif (276958 Byte)


Simple Route Editor

The Simple Route Editor allows to create and edit vector data. It generates polylines from multiple straight line segments. Mouse operation and context menu are the main means of interaction with this editor.



The following image shows vector data with the Simple Route Editor activated. A selected polyline is rendered in dark blue, unselected polylines in light blue. One of the editor options here is set to amrk oall points including those of unselected polylines. Points are shown as arrowheads for selected polylines with the tip marking the direction of construction.

baal-trasse1.gif (153738 Byte)


Right clicking with the mouse opens the context menu which offers a variety of functions, depending on the current position of the cursor, e.g. on a point, between two points on a polyline segment, or next to a polyline.

baal-trasse2.gif (57086 Byte)


Measuring of Distances

A separate function allows measuring of distances. The user sets start and end point my mouse operations. TransDEM will show the result in the status bar. In the example the length of the platform is 211 metres.

baal-trasse3.gif (106633 Byte)

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